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2020 National Extrication Competition

November 07 - November 09, 2020
Firefighting Team that Extricates Patients from Vehicles will Advance to World Competition Firefighters Work to Extricate a Simulated Patient During National Competition The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department recently competed on a national level with other fire rescue departments’ vehicle accident extrication teams. JFRD claimed the top award and will advance to the international competition in Paris in September.
The two-day event, hosted locally at FSCJ’s Fire Academy of the South in early November, involved more than a dozen teams. Sponsored by the North American Vehicle Rescue Association (NAVRA), the competition challenged firefighters with two, time-restricted scenarios involving scrapped vehicles and the extrication of live patient simulations. According to NAVRA, the event is more than a competition for first responders; it also raises awareness about the global problem of vehicle accidents, related injuries and fatalities.

The competition tested the firefighters’ effective use of specific tools and techniques, including patient care. Teams had to successfully complete two scenarios, each within 20 minutes. The first scenario involved a large concrete pole in or on a vehicle that had to be removed from the vehicle to extricate the patient. All teams were allowed to use hydraulic tools, including the “Jaws of Life” cutters and spreaders. JFRD recorded the best extrication time of 12 minutes. In the next scenario, hydraulic tools were not allowed, and the pole was wooden. JFRD extricated the patient in 18 minutes.

JFRD members on the extrication team, known competitively as the Duval Wrecking Crew Corp., include Capt. Colin Aguilar, Capt. Chris Lewis, Lt. Jason Jones, Lt. John Ledford, Eng. Matt Braasch, Eng. Revis Coltrane, Eng. Mike Matos, Firefighter T.J. Temples and Firefighter Mike Yonn.

JFRD’s participation in the extrication competition was made possible thanks to the support of FSCJ’s Fire Academy of the South, Capt. Lewis. and JFRD’s Administration. Ace Pick-a-Part, which specializes in scrapped vehicles, also assisted the team.