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In response to the growing need for affordable IT solutions for businesses of all sizes, Lenovo recently introduced three new offerings as part of its Device as a Service portfolio. However, when it comes to IT, the as-a-service model remains somewhat elusive for many companies as, on the surface, it may appear overwhelming.

Since its inception, the as-a-service concept (often referred to as a subscription or consumption model) has been an easy one to understand and see value. It’s a concept that has been deployed across multiple industries, including high-end clothing rentals, movies, TV, and even things like home improvement tools and machinery.


Test Accordian
District 3 was showing no parks while district 4 was showing both district 3 and 4 parks.
This was due to a typo which has now been fixed. Clicking District 3 should reveal parks which have been labeled as being in dIstrict 3.

If you’ve ever worked for an SMB before, you know the challenges. Expectations are high, time is precious and financial resources are limited. Add technology to the mix, and the issues are compounded with the fact that a lot of entrepreneurs are not well-versed in technology, nor do they have the resources to have a dedicated IT staff.